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Discussing Some Whys and Hows
About Projects
What Ayb programs can students from Artsakh apply for?

The Ayb Educational Foundation attaches great importance to ensuring the accessibility of top-notch educational opportunities in the Armenian language to our students, teachers, and compatriots in Artsakh and the Diaspora. All our programs, except those that are regionally focused, are accessible to our beneficiaries from Artsakh as well. You can find suitable programs in our "Programs" section.

Who is eligible for the Ayb Educational Foundation's scholarship program?

The Ayb High School is the first social project in Armenia’s non-governmental sector. The Ayb Educational Foundation raises funds through donations made by individual and corporate donors so that no student admitted to Ayb High School loses their chance to because of financial reasons. The Ayb Educational Foundation provides scholarships (tuition fee reimbursement) to over 70% of Ayb High School’s students each year.

This opportunity remains applicable for the entire three-year duration of the study at Ayb High School. The application procedure for the scholarship can be found on the Ayb School's page.

What training and mastery programs are offered for adults?

Ayb provides many opportunities for lifelong learning and self-development, embracing enthusiasts of learning at any age. Ayb regularly invites leading professionals of diverse professional backgrounds to engage as speakers in its public talk-discussion projects, namely "Formula for Success" and "Identity and Values." Master classes are also organized regularly.

What distance learning options does Ayb provide?

For those who are passionate about self-education, can always access the free platform of the Armenian-language version of Khan Academy, the world's largest online educational resource, is always available. Since 20107, the Ayb Educational Foundation has been localizing the platform into Armenian to ensure the accessibility of world-class quality educational resources to everyone and everywhere.

What programs, in collaboration with international partners, does Ayb have in place? Who can take part?

Throughout its 17 years of activity, Ayb has implemented and continues to carry out many programs with the support of international partners and in cooperation with them.

Young people show a particular interest in the "Generation Unlimited" international competition as part of the imaGen iVentures global youth initiative. This provides our youth with an opportunity to cultivate innovative thinking, transform it into a feasible project, as well as tackle modern and public issues through that. The details can be found in our "Programs" section.

What teacher training programs does the Ayb Educational Foundation offer?

Ayb academy provides training opportunities for teachers, while Khan Academy offers a large free Armenian-language repository for teachers’ online education. You can explore all the programs offered for teachers in the "Teachers" section of our website.

How to Donate
Where can I view programs open for donation?

You can explore and contribute to Ayb Educational Foundation's fundraising campaigns for educational purposes at You can also support some of Ayb's programs on the reArmenia platform. Currently, there is active fundraising for the replenishment of Khan Academy Armenia’s free educational resources.

What to do if it is not possible to make a donation?

Frequently, the inability to make a donation is attributed to the momentary disruption of the Internet connection. Hence, in case of any technical issues, verify your connection and give it another try. If the issue recurs, you can contact the Foundation at +374(55) 00 37 16.

How is my donation managed?

Your donation is always directed exclusively to the purpose you indicated at the time of donation. If you donated under "Statutory purposes" or "Where it is most needed", the Foundation reserves the right, in accordance with the current priorities and needs, to independently determine the program to which the funds will be allocated.

How to participate in the Goodwill Dinner charity project and where to follow the updates?

You can follow the opening and development of the Goodwill Dinner charity auctions on the project's Facebook and LinkedIn pages. The project aims to provide the best education to the children of Armenia, the Diaspora, and Artsakh. All funds raised are directed toward the Ayb High School's scholarship fund.

Is my donation taxable?

According to part 1,  Article 108 of the RA Tax Code, assets (including membership fees), non-commercial organizations are not subject to taxation for assets (including membership fees), goods, and services received without charge.

What charitable initiatives allow me to contribute to educational projects?

The Ayb Educational Foundation offers many options for contributions to educational projects.

As an Individual

  • You can make a one-time or monthly donation for any project at
  • You can enhance the significance of your special occasion (anniversary, wedding, etc.), by inviting your community to make a donation to the Ayb Educational Foundation, contributing to the education development as a gift.
  • You can gift a certificate of donation made for the education development on behalf of your loved ones at a significant event.
  • You can take part in the Goodwill Dinner auction and combine the pleasant and the useful.

As a Corporate

  • You can participate in the ForMath competition. Its membership fee is fully directed to the development of Khan Academy Armenia’s platform. Find details on ForMath in the "Programs" section.
  • You can collaborate with us to arrange an educational holiday competition for your employees or their children, for which the amount you provide will be directed toward your designated purpose.
  • You can become a sponsor or partner of our projects or events.
  • You can provide pro bono support (providing a product or service for free).
  • You can gift your employees and colleagues with a donation certificate made on their behalf for the development of education as a New Year's or other holiday gift.
  • You can double other benefactors’ donations as part of our fundraising projects on the reArmenia platform.
How does the Ayb educational Foundation generate and distribute its funds?

The Foundation's funds are generated from donations of individual and corporate donors, grants, program revenues, revenues from financial investments, and various other forms of income.

How to Get Involved
What institutions does Ayb Educational Foundation collaborate with? How to become a partner?

Ayb offers various formats of mutually beneficial cooperation to organizations. If you have suggestions or are curious about possible options for cooperation, please check out the "Organizations" page. You can familiarize yourself with the organizations cooperating with us on the website’s section intended for partners.

How can I get involved in the Ayb Educational Foundation’s projects?

Every individual who carries the transformative power of education and wishes to share it with their colleagues and students can become part of the Ayb community. There are many platforms for that purpose. Teachers and students who actively participate in Ayb's programs, workshops, and courses, standing out for their keenness to learn new things and impart their knowledge, have a chance to be honored with Ayb’s titles ambassador-teacher and ambassador-student. This is an opportunity to increase your involvement in community and state educational processes and to become known as an expert, catalyst for change, and leader.

All offers for teachers, students and organizations can be found on the website’s homepage.

To whom can I submit my proposals for cooperation?

Our specialists are always glad to discuss any offer. You can call +374 55003716 or email us at [email protected].

How to become Ayb community’s member if I live or work abroad?

A significant part of the Ayb Educational Foundation’s community lives and works abroad.

  • You can donate to your favorite program at
  • Tax-refundable donations can be directed to our official U.S. partner, VEM USA Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
  • You can also support us through AmazonSmile, by making your online purchases from that platform and selecting VEM USA Inc. as the nonprofit designated beneficiary.
  • If you work for an international organization that has a matching donation system, you can donate to VEM USA Inc. and your employer will double that donation.
  • You can enhance the significance of your special occasion (anniversary, wedding, etc.), by inviting your community to make a donation to the Ayb Educational Foundation, contributing to the development of education as a gift.
  • You can gift a certificate of donation made for the education development on behalf of your loved ones at a significant event.
What new initiatives are expected in the near future? How can I participate?

You can familiarize yourself with all of Ayb’s upcoming initiatives, by following the "Events" section of our website or the the Ayb Educational Foundation’s social media pages.