FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Ayb Educational Foundation carries out educational programs in the general education sector of Armenia. The Foundation aims to establish a new culture of learning in Armenia and improve the education sector in the country through systematic investments. Ayb Educational Foundation develops and implements a number of education projects, designs and establishes exemplary education environments, and develops and disseminates curricula and methodologies that meet 21st century requirements. 


Ayb Educational Foundation’s projects are mostly aimed at K12 school students. School teachers are also among the Foundation’s beneficiaries.


No. All schools and all students in Armenia are among the beneficiaries of the Foundation’s work. Ayb School is the Foundation’s core project, however, the learning and teaching technologies and methodologies developed and tested at Ayb School will further extend to other schools through the National Program for Educational Excellence – a 10-year national program elaborated by Ayb Foundation. With this program, Ayb Foundation will introduce Araratian Baccalaureate, an Armenian-language alternative education program, throughout schools in Armenia and Artsakh and will train a community of highly qualified teachers.

Moreover, Ayb is implementing a number of other education programs, including the mass school competitions such as Kangaroo, Russian Bear, Meghu, etc., which are designed to engage all school students in Armenia and Artsakh. 

Ayb Educational Foundation is a non-commercial not-for-profit institution. The Foundation’s funds originate from:

•    Donations and targeted endowments made by individual and corporate donors. They constitute the overwhelming part of the funds. 
•    Funds attracted for project implementation, including direct funding and contributions made by program participants. 
Ayb Educational Foundation’s funds are invested in educational projects only (including the administrative costs).

Ayb Educational Foundation’s funds are invested in educational projects only (including the administrative costs).

You can support Ayb Educational Foundation’s projects through financial and in-kind donations. To learn more about the ways of donation please click here. By donating to Ayb you are joining the global network of education supporters and help develop our country by carving out its new future. Please feel free to contact us and share your ideas on how you can be supportive.


Ayb Foundation collaborates with various individuals and organizations that contribute to the development of Armenia’s education sector. We welcome any new proposal or initiative aimed at accomplishment of our common goal and stand ready to discuss cooperation options. Please feel free to contact us.