Media Corner

Media Corner

About the Ayb Educational Foundation

The Ayb Educational Foundation was founded in 2006.

The Foundation aims to establish a new culture of leaning in Armenia and improve the education sector in the country through targeted investments. Over the past 14 years, Ayb has devised and carried out a number of substantial projects and education reforms and has developed exemplary education environments, which have served as an incentive for the development of the entire education system in Armenia.


Ayb School is one of the core projects of the Ayb Educational Foundation. It is a laboratory where the best learning and teaching technologies and methodologies are developed and enhanced, where hundreds of children from Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora receive the best education today.

The Ayb Educational Foundation provides scholarships to around 75% of the students admitted to Ayb High School, providing equal opportunities for all the students of Ayb High School.

The Araratian Baccalaureate Program, an internationally competitive and rigorous educational program, was developed in cooperation with leading educational institutions in public education. The international partners of the program are Cambridge Assessment International Education and the Institute of Education, University College London (IOE, UCL).


Dilijan Central School, i.e. Ayb’s first school project implemented by external order, was established in cooperation with (and financed by) the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.


Since 2009, the Ayb Foundation has organized a series of popular international school contests in Armenia and Artsakh, such as Kangaroo mathematical competition, “Meghu—Armenian for everyone,” “Russian Bear Cub—Linguistics for Everyone,” the national round of World Robot Olympiad,  All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists, and in higher education field, Tournament for Chemistry Students. Through these competitions, the Ayb Foundation creates massive education movements.


In 2017, the Ayb Educational Foundation created  Khan Academy Armenia, thus making this global online education platform accessible to Armenian learners.


Another large-scale project of the Ayb Foundation was the creation of AybLabs, modern and technologically equipped subject laboratories, which foster advancement of teaching methodologies.


Aram Pakhchanian is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Sona Koshetsyan is the Executive Director of the Ayb Educational Foundation.


All projects carried out by the Foundation are described here. For main events in Ayb’s life, please click here.



Logo of Ayb Educational Foundation

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Management of Ayb Educational Foundation





Aram Pakhchanian,

Chairman of Ayb Educational Foundation
Board of Trustees





Sona Koshetsyan,
Executive Director of
Ayb Educational Foundation






Press about Ayb

•   Online Registration for Kangaroo 2021 Has Started

•   YSMU Won the Tournament of Chemistry Students

•   Ayb Educational Foundation Has Submitted a Report to the RA Prosecutor General Based on the Statements and Actions of Arayik Harutyunyan

•   Telcell CJSC and the Ayb Educational Foundation Launch a New Cooperation

•   Science is about taking risks. In case of staying a consuming state, we’ll remain a “puppet” of political games. Aram Pakhchanian (video)

•   Ayb Foundation about the Criminal Case Against It․ This Case Based on Just Desires Cannot Last Long

•   Sooner or Later the Prosecutor’s Office Will Give a Different Assessment: Ayb Foundation’s Announcement

•   The Results of the National Round of the WRO, Supported by Rostelecom, Have Been Summarized

•   The National Round of the World Robot Olympiad Will Take Place

•   Practical Training for Natural Science Teachers of the Araratian Baccalaureate Schools

•   Ayb School Has a New Executive Director

•   The 10th All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists Has Been Concluded Online

•   Children Will Help Spread the Love Toward Chemistry

•   Khan Academia Armenia Summerizes the Outcomes of the Workshops Held in Tavush

•   The Allegations Made 2 Years Ago Have Never Been Substantiated: Ayb

•   Armenia Launches Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge

•   Ayb Educational Foundation, “We believe the educational process can and should continue”

•   PlatonicTalks hosts Sona Koshetsyan, Executive Director of Ayb Educational Foundation   

•   The chemists representing Yerevan universities tested their knowledge at the first student tournament

•   The first Tournament for Chemistry Students held in Yerevan

•   Armenia TV’s overview of the Tournament for Chemistry Students

•   AR TV’s overview of the Tournament for Chemistry Students

•   Yerkir Media TV’s overview of the Tournament for Chemistry Students

•   Kentron TV’s  overview of the Tournament for Chemistry Students

•   ArmNews TV’s overview of the Tournament for Chemistry Students  

•   Aram Pakhchanian announced as laureate of  Ribakov Prize 2020

•   Aram Pakhchanian, Head of Ayb School, presents the idea of Ayb and shares thoughts on the importance of the community

•   Artsakh is willing and ready to adopt Ayb’s practice

•   Kangaroo 2020 has been launched

•   “Bari Luys” TV show hosts Nvard Arakelyan and Tsovak Yegoryan

•   Interview by “Aravot Luso” TV program; Meri Badalyan, Nvard Arakelyan, Tsovak Yegoryan

•    Ayb Educational Foundation to host the annual meeting of Kangaroo without Borders International Association in 2023  

•   Khan Academy’s free online platform available at Yerevan schools

•    Interview by “Aravot Luso” TV program; Anush Ayvazyan

•   Aram Pakhchanian elected chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ayb Educational Foundation

•   Interview by “Aravot Luso” TV program: Gayane Aramyan

•   Khan Academy’s app in the Armenian language already available

•   The young chemists have returned from Ukraine with a third grade diploma

•   The Minders team to take part in the World Robot Olympiad

•   Arman Simonyan, “Mathematics should be enjoyable for children”

•   David Yan joins the Forbes Russia Board of Directors

•   Free online education to be available in Tavush communities

•   Meghu Armenian Language Contest to be held in the Diaspora for the first time

•    A five-lateral agreement has been signed; the 2019 International Digital UAV Forum on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to be held soon 

•   Meghu 2019 Contest to take place on October 24
•   A Statement by Ayb Club
•   The national round of World Robot Olympiad completed
•   Kangaroo 2019 Contest launched
•   39 000 students to take part in Kangaroo 2019 Mathematical Contest
•    A new support platform initiated by the Ayb Educational Foundation
•    A Memorandum of Cooperation signed between Tavush Marz Municipality and the Ayb Educational Foundation 

•    AR TV’s news report on the Aybians
•   Khan Academy in Vanadzor; Lori TV’s release
•   Khan Academy in Vanadzor; Fortuna TV’s release
•   Free and online education for everyone; Khan Academy’s self-learning platform introduced in Gyumri
•   Youtube and Education Sector
•   Khan Academy’s online educational resource is already 1 year old 
•   Anna Mkhitaryan, employee at Contests Department, hosted at Zartutsich 
•   Winners of the 9th All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists known 
•   “Ministry of Education and Science and Ayb have no claims under the Agreement,” Sona Koshetsyan, Executive Director of the Ayb Educational Foundation 
•    Evaluation and Objective Analysis of the Araratian Baccalaureate is a Necessity: It’s High Time for a Dialog 
•    Ayb Educational Foundation’s Board of Trustees’ Statement on RA Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan’s Facebook Post Dated May 22, 2018 
•    Open Response Letter of the Ayb Educational Foundation to the statement uttered by the Minister of Education and Science of the RA Mr. Arayik Harutyunyan on May 20 
•    One of Top 25 Universities Also Confirms Quality of Araratian Baccalaureate 
•    2018 Kangaroo International Math Contest Launched 
•    New phase of Araratian Baccalaureate Teacher Development Program kicks off 
•    Memorandum of Understanding to be Signed between Ayb Educational Foundation and Children of Armenia Fund 
•    Over 38000 Students to Participate in Meghu Contest 
•    Sona Koshetsyan appointed Executive Director of Ayb Educational Foundation 
•    World Robot Olympiad: the Winner to Leave for Costa Rica 
•    Rewarding ceremonies for Meghu 2016, Russian Bear Cub 2016, and Kangaroo 2017 contests all over Armenia and Artsakh 
•    37000 students are participating in the Meghu contest 
•    Ayb is 10 years old 
•    Meghu Armenian Language Contest Launched 
•    Armenian-language educational program officially equated to leading UK and US educational programs 
•    World Robot Olympiad: First Time in Armenia 

•   Fr. Mesrop Aramyan: This is just the beginning

•   David Sahakyan: Araratian Baccalaureate will shape a new generation
•   Fr. Mesrop Aramyan: FAST is a strategic project
•   For the first time Armenia will participate at Annual Sacred Music Festival at Patmos Island

Short videos about life at Ayb

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