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  • A free professional platform has been created for the Armenian youth
  • A free professional platform has been created for the Armenian youth
  • A free professional platform has been created for the Armenian youth

A free professional platform has been created for the Armenian youth

01 February / 2019

As part of the EU4Youth: SAY YES — Skills for Jobs project co-financed by the European Union, the Ayb Foundation, World Vision Armenia and Khan Academy Armenia have initiated the creation of free high quality educational resources in the Armenian language to support the professional education and career orientation of the Armenian youth.

As part of the Localization and Development of Online Educational Platform project implemented by the Ayb Educational Foundation, Khan Academy Armenia has created educational materials in the Armenian language on mathematics, finances, entrepreneurship, programming, arts and chemistry on a new and powerful online platform of alternative education.


The materials and new projects created were presented at the event organized on January 31.


In his speech on the EU4Youth initiative and the professions of the future, Vasilis Maragos, Head of the Unit for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Eastern Partnership at the EU Directorate-General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations of the European Commission,  stated that Armenia is an important partner in the Eastern Partnership platform and that a number of joint projects are being implemented.  “We witness the result of another such project today. Bright future would be impossible without the innovative spirit of young people. Our investment in youth and education ensures a more peaceful and promising future,” the EU representative said.


Kristine Asatryan, Deputy Minister of RA Sports and Youth Affairs, attached due importance to the new educational opportunities for youth and mentioned the online platforms are an alternative option for accessible education, particularly for young people in the regions. The Deputy Minister said that she also uses similar platforms for personal development.

Zhirayr Edilyan, Head of World Vision Armenia, spoke about integrating the youth from marzes into the online educational system through this initiative, as well as inspiring and making them competitive in the labor market. “Such educational platforms will help our youth to better build their future. Those living in Yerevan have many development opportunities, while those residing in marzes are much more restricted in their choice. In this regard, the platform will resolve a lot of issues,” he said. 

Sona Koshetsyan, Executive Director of the Ayb Educational Foundation, presented the educational initiatives implemented by the foundation for over 13 years that aim at amending and introducing innovations into the Armenian educational sector. She also detailed the activity of Khan Academy in Armenia: “We started working on the idea back in 2012. By 2017, it had evolved into one of the most promising projects of the foundation.  The graduates of Ayb School have laid the foundation for this project,” Sona Koshetsyan said.

Liana Sargsyan, a program manager at World Vision Armenia, and Gayane Aramyan, Head of Khan Academy Armenia, talked about the opportunities of the platform co-financed by the EU. The participants were later given a chance to test the opportunities and advantages of the platform on site.


At the closing of the event, the director of the foundation thanked her colleagues that had initiated the project, namely, the EU, World Vision Armenia, and the Renaissance Cultural and Intellectual Foundation; the latter was the first to believe in the potential of the young team of Khan Academy Armenia and to render assistance.


About Khan Academy:

“Accessible for everyone everywhere”—this motto of Khan Academy has brought together 60 million people from 190 countries to give them the opportunity for self-education, learning and development in line with their individual needs. With the help of Khan Academy, learners in the Armenian language, their parents and teachers and generally anyone engaged in self-education can use one of the leading educational resources of the world for free to receive authentic education in their native language. 2000 videos and 900 exercises and educational materials have already been created in Armenian, and it is planned to create and localize materials for new sections as well.     

About the European Union:

The member countries of the European Union have decided to gradually link together their know-how, resources and destinies. Together, during a period of enlargement of 50 years, they have built a zone of stability, democracy and sustainable development whilst maintaining cultural diversity, tolerance and individual freedoms. The European Union is committed to sharing its achievements and values with countries and peoples beyond its borders.

About the Ayb Educational Foundation:

Ayb was founded in 2006 by visionaries, who believed education has played a paramount role in their achievements, and wanted to help improve the educational environment in Armenia through joint efforts. The Ayb Educational Foundation aims to shape a culture of excellence in learning and support the development of education in Armenia. Ayb is implementing various projects in the field of education, such as developing educational reform programs, designing and establishing exemplary learning environments, which serve as a catalyst for changes in the entire system. The foundation has initiated 25 educational projects within 13 years of its existence.

About World Vision Armenia:

World Vision first came to Armenia immediately after the devastating earthquake of 1988. Today, World Vision Armenia projects focus on children's full health and development since early childhood, improvement of the quality of medical services, child protection and education, poverty reduction and sustainable income opportunities, as well as youth empowerment.  World Vision operates in six marzes and capital city Yerevan, serving more than 200 communities. Around 35 000 children are registered in the sponsorship programs of the organization.

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