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  • Ayb Educational Foundation's Executive Director's New Year and Christmas Greeting!

Ayb Educational Foundation's Executive Director's New Year and Christmas Greeting!

30 December / 2018


Dear Ayb Community,


Dear Colleagues,


This year we have managed to reunite around the Ayb concept, reaffirming our goal to have quality education in Armenia and readiness to face any difficulty along the path to attain it.


Throughout the 12 years since its establishment, the Ayb Foundation has successfully developed and implemented 25 educational programs. We are hopeful that we will continue expanding and enhancing the areas of our projects at the same pace in 2019. I would like to extend my gratitude to all the representatives of Ayb community for contributing to the implementation of these projects. The efforts and commitment of each and every one of you have created the environment so many interesting educational ideas have originated from.  A special thanks to all the members of Ayb Club for the immense support provided to us throughout all these years and for sharing our ideas. Our donors, of course, deserve a special mention; we express our deep gratitude for their care and responsiveness, owing to which a number of children today receive quality and competitive education.


The passing year was full of initiatives, projects, changes and events. I am positive these changes will take us to a new level of development and present new opportunities for Ayb to keep abreast with the expansion of its activities. 


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the entire Ayb community, and may love and peace reign in our families in the year of 2019!


Our accomplishments in 2018


We signed a cooperation agreement with Moscow Agency of Innovations and will try to create an efficient connection between technological and educational fields and a real business environment. 


We outlined a new area for cooperation with Cambridge Assessment International Education and plan to examine and understand how to make the best of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence and apply these in classroom to the benefit of teachers and students.


We held the top five popular school contests in Armenia, registering high student motivation and active participation. We also celebrated the anniversaries of the two most wide-scale competitions, the 10th anniversary of Kangaroo Math Contest and 5th anniversary of Meghu Contest. We enabled the team of the All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists and the winner team of the International Robot Olympiad to represent Armenia at the international olympiads in the Ukraine and Thailand accordingly, and return home with impressive results.


In cooperation with National Song and Dance Academy, we continued to introduce the national song and dance subject in comprehensive schools, along with conducting qualification training sessions for teachers of the subject — 133 teachers participated in the training, and the subject was introduced in another seven comprehensive schools.


While remaining loyal to our commitment to provide the best education to Armenian children, in 2018 we continued with the project on creation and translation of free electronic resources, replenishing the online educational platform of the Khan Academy Armenia with new educational resources. A new program in cooperation with World Vision Armenia has been launched as well. 


We doubled our commitment to our fundraising efforts and donated the entire amount raised in the result of various exciting events to create the best educational environment for our students and replenish the scholarship fund of our high school.


We established relations with new partners, outlining new areas for cooperation with Rostelecom, Converse Bank, World Vision, Ucom, Armenian General Benevolent Union, Skill, Sarajyan Trainings, Mega Toys, Noyan Tapan, and DoubleTree.


We implemented a series of structural and systemic changes in the Ayb Educational Foundation to improve the activity of the foundation.


This year we also:


planned to launch the initial phase of introducing the Araratian Baccalaureate in comprehensive schools, yet the progress of the National Program for Educational Excellence was suspended in the current year. It was our only initiative that was co-financed by the state. In the result of negotiations with the Ministry of Education, we signed an agreement on terminating our cooperation within the scope of this project, as well as a memorandum of agreement to seek possible ways of cooperation to continue the Araratian Baccalaureate Program.  


Dear team, I am grateful to you for your selfless commitment to all these projects and for applying your abilities to serve the Ayb mission.


This year we established the beautiful Come to Ayb tradition which we are planning to continue in 2019 as well. We are looking forward to seeing you at Ayb!


Sona Koshetsian

Executive Director
Ayb Educational Foundation

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