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  • Ayb Strives To Have a Strong Teacher Community
  • Ayb Strives To Have a Strong Teacher Community
  • Ayb Strives To Have a Strong Teacher Community
  • Ayb Strives To Have a Strong Teacher Community

Ayb Strives To Have a Strong Teacher Community

16 July / 2021

Every year the Ayb Educational Foundation organizes mass school contests, thus bringing together thousands of students and teachers. The students’ achievements at Ayb contests are the best evaluation of their teachers’ work, and this year again, Ayb welcomed from all over Armenia the teachers of the students who had attained the best results at the Kangaroo and Meghu contests. Sona Koshetsyan, executive director of the Ayb Educational Foundation and the meeting coordinator,  greeted the teachers at the onset of the event, stating that the goal of the meeting held at the end of the challenging academic year was to commend the teachers’ contribution and to demonstrate Ayb’s commitment to organizing such inspiring community-building meetings with teachers. Zhanna Andreasyan, deputy minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, joined the meeting online and thanked Ayb on the Ministry’s behalf for having initiated such a meeting-discussion and inviting her to take part in it. Zhanna Andreasyan noted that the amendments in the field of education would be impossible without the teachers and the partners concerned. She pinpointed the importance of having transferred Ayb’s mass contests to an online platform and informed that in awarding qualification categories to the teachers the fact of having Meghu or Kangaroo contest winners or awardees among their students will hereinafter be considered. The deputy minister attached importance to the piloting of the new state and subject-related standards in Tavush and to Ayb’s active contribution to the process.

Tatev Adamyan, head of the Ayb Contests Department, also welcomed Ayb’s partner teachers and stated that the passing year was quite challenging for Ayb’s mass contests, which eventually became online under the pandemic conditions. She noted it would still have been impossible to organize them if it hadn’t been for the teacher community’s active involvement and our partners’ assistance. 

The meeting then proceeded with a panel discussion led by Gagik Melikyan,  head of Educational Content Department at the National Center for Education Development and Innovation, Davit Sahakyan, executive director of Ayb School, and Aram Pakhchanyan, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Educational Foundation.  The representative of the National Center for Education Development and Innovation spoke about the amendments initiated by the MoESCS, first addressing the piloting of the state and subject-related standards for general education to be launched this year, then the changes in the teacher assessment procedure, and finally those in the curriculum development, mentioning that the schools will enjoy greater freedom in developing their own curriculum within a general one. In his speech, Davit Sahakyan, the next panel speaker, mentioned the importance of the school being an open structure, integral to the fabric of its community, and the role of cooperation among the parties involved in the school establishment process, i.e. teachers, parents and graduates as well as the actors beyond the school environment, i.e. business and NGO sector,  and the state. Speaker Aram Pakhchanyan attached importance to the smart use of the opportunities enabled by the 21st century, mentioning that it is impossible for education to do without technologies today; at the same time, he stated, unless the modern technologies are sensibly integrated in the education process, we will have fewer students keen on learning and more on having fun.

Upon completion of the panel discussion, Anush Ayvazyan, head of Khan Academy Armenia, introduced to the teachers the opportunities provided by the platform that enables free and accessible education to everyone.

Тhe representative of Telcell, a partner of Ayb Contests, proceeded the meeting with the presentation of Telcell Wallet’s facilities, owing to which the registration for Ayb’s mass contests and payments are made online, fast and easy.

At the closing of the meeting, Sona Koshetsyan, director of the Ayb Educational Foundation, and Tatev Adamyan, head of the Contests Department, handed certificates of appreciation and incentive gifts to the teachers of the winners and awardees of Kangaroo and Meghu, expressing gratitude yet for another time for the essential input in the self-fulfillment of their students. 




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