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  • Closer to Nature; Kajaran’s AybLabs
  • Closer to Nature; Kajaran’s AybLabs
  • Closer to Nature; Kajaran’s AybLabs

Closer to Nature; Kajaran’s AybLabs

12 April / 2019

Since 2007, with support from the Ayb Educational Foundation, modern and technologically equipped subject labs have been operating in a number of marz schools and the capital.  In particular, Ayb has supported in the establishment of eight laboratories in different marz schools of the republic. The AybLabs functioning in Yerevan, Kajaran, Vagharshapat and Berd constitute entire laboratory complexes with unique spatial solutions, furnishing, equipment and communication and security systems. 


The aim of the AybLab Project is to create an educational environment where the students can reveal their potential, conduct experiments and even make small discoveries.


The Ayb Educational Foundation is committed to pursuing the establishment of labs in marzes. Here’s a brief overview of what we have accomplished so far.


In 2010, the first Ecology AybLabs in the region were established in Kajaran schools Nos. 1 and 2. It is worthwhile to mention that the idea was implemented through cooperation between the Ayb Educational Foundation and Kajaran Municipality, with the latter’s sponsorship.


Environmental Aim

The laboratories are mainly used for “Kajaran; Nature and Ecology” subject and Ecology Club classes. They are also used for the organization of natural science, astronomy and geography classes, in line with authentic educational requirements and application of modern information technologies.


Garegin Gabrielyan, head of the Department of Environmental Protection and Healthcare Programs Development at Kajaran Municipality, attaches great importance to the AybLab’s presence in their town. “The laboratories are a role model for the other schools in the community. The schools aspire to have similar technologically equipped classrooms in order to apply our experience and increase the education level of our students,” Garegin Gabrielyan shared during our conversation.


The municipality representative states that some schools in the communities beyond Kajaran have 40-45 students who are going to be enrolled in small classes in the future, following AybLab’s example.


In her turn, Anahit Gevorgyan, headmaster of Kajaran secondary school No. 1, states that two of the town schools cooperate with Kajaran’s Environmental Front.


“The environmental specialists regularly come up with interesting initiatives, organizing seminars and trainings on the authenticity and role of the environmentalist’s profession,” the headmaster says.


YSU faculty representatives have also partaken in these sessions, introducing interesting topics relating to Kajaran’s nature and environmental issues for discussion with the students.


The headmaster states that the students willingly partake in all the environmental events organized, displaying growing interest towards environmental protection.


Advantages of AybLabs

Through this project and based on its experience, Ayb has created an exemplary model of a modern subject laboratory that eventually evolved into a need and an initiative to open similar AybLabs, voiced and suggested by other schools as well.


The importance of the laboratories lies in the fact that the students, in addition to using their textbooks, have the opportunity to apply in practice the knowledge they gain at school.


“With the teachers’ help, the students conduct experiments by getting directly involved in the processes,” Ms. Gevorgyan says.


The headmaster states that the teachers have all the required skills to use the laboratory equipment: “We have Gohar Vardanyan, an experienced chemistry teacher, and we have all the necessary equipment. If we also had more materials to teach chemistry, it would make the study of the subject more engaging,” adds the headmaster.  


Interesting Facts about Kajaran’s AybLab

Accomplished Projects

- Study of the areas around Kajaran that were selected according to certain environmental criteria

- Plant sampling, and compiling information about them



- Contest for creative works within the scope of the Armenian Mouflon Conservation Project

- Monitoring, contests and quizzes to assess the knowledge on environmental protection



- Thematic libraries have been created at the AybLabs with support from the municipality

- Kajaran’s geo-environmental school atlas, workbooks and contour maps have been created

- A series of electronic lessons have been developed, aiming to resolve the environmental issues in Kajaran.

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