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  • Meghu Armenian Language Contest to be held in the Diaspora for the first time

Meghu Armenian Language Contest to be held in the Diaspora for the first time

15 November / 2019


The Ayb Educational Foundation is launching the internationalization process for the Meghu Armenian Language Contest. On November 23, Georgia, Iran, Russia and the US will host the contest for the first time. The aim of the contest is to promote interest and love for the Armenian language among our children in the Diaspora, contribute to the preservation of the Armenian identity, national values and language.


Based on the long-standing and positive experience of the organization of the Kangaroo and Russian Bear Club contests, the Ayb Foundation has established and held the Meghu Armenian Language Contest in Armenia and Artsakh since 2014. As stated above, the aim of the contest is to promote common interest toward the Armenian language, make it attractive and accessible for the children, develop the students’ language mentality and linguistic abilities, help unlock their potential and self-expression, as well as contribute to the development and dissemination of the Armenian language.

Throughout the six years of its existence, Meghu has had more than 232,000 participants from 1001 schools across Armenia and Artsakh.

Considering the previous years of success of the contest and based on the mission of the Ayb Educational Foundation, we are launching the pilot project on the internationalization of Meghu, making it accessible for the Armenian children in the Diaspora. Through internationalization of Meghu, Ayb aims to promote its ideas and educational initiatives beyond Armenia and Artsakh.


The Armenian language is a primary means for preservation of the Armenian identity. We believe that Meghu is one of those initiatives that can promote interest toward the mother tongue among the Armenian children, thus strengthening their links with the motherland. Following the assessment of the contest results, the children that have registered the best ones will be invited to Armenia on an informative tour organized by the Ayb Educational Foundation.

The registration for the Armenian children in Georgia, Iran and the US has now been completed, while our Moscow compatriots of grades 3 to 12 may still register by contacting us at by November 20.

Join the first International Meghu contest, assess your own abilities and become a part of the Meghu Armenian language movement!


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