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  • Mistakes, Stress, Analysis — a Formula for Success
  • Mistakes, Stress, Analysis — a Formula for Success
  • Mistakes, Stress, Analysis — a Formula for Success

Mistakes, Stress, Analysis — a Formula for Success

01 April / 2019

The Formula for Success platform, one of the initiatives of the Ayb Educational Foundation, hosted Hayk Simonyan, CEO of Doping Creative Advertising, at Ayb School the other day. Hayk shared his own formula for success via mistakes and failures or “advancing through falling.”  Stressful situations are regular; mistakes are mandatory; disappointments are inevitable. At the same time, these rules apply to ascending as well, so what matters most is one’s attitude toward one’s own FAILURES on the way to PROGRESS. Hayk Simonyan, founder and CEO of a leading organization in the field, shared about the starting point for these reflections on the mistakes and circumstances that urged him to found the base for his successful business. 


There are errors and failures along everyone’s path, so one should simply resolve them and move on. Mistakes, stress, analysis— this is the path to success for Hayk Simonyan, a path built on mistakes.


“It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes”; “yet it's equally important to find reliable partners and trustworthy people whose motivation doesn’t boil down to money”; “there are no major and minor tasks”; “a Friday night is just a phenomenon, not a mere end of a working week. Hence, you should reward yourself with an enjoyable “Friday night” if you’ve accomplished something meaningful that week”; ”understanding the difference between gift and professionalism is essential”; and ”in case of other people’s success, you only see the success they represent”. These were Hayk’s main talking points on his secrets to success.


The speaker of the Formula for Success answered numerous questions asked by the attendees. The one he liked most was related to education: “How indispensable is, in your opinion, the role of higher education in creating viable businesses, success and a bright future? Does one need a diploma for that?”


In his response, Hayk mentioned that eventually, education and self-education lie at the basis of everything. One should simply figure out what it is they wish to pursue.


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