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  • New Member Joins Ayb Club

New Member Joins Ayb Club

03 August / 2018

We are glad to inform that Ayb Club has a new member – Arsen Agadzhanyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Ecological Industrial Alliance, co-founder of Dar Foundation and Tsaghkunk Open School Foundation.


Ayb Club members are individuals that stand behind Ayb’s ideology, develop Ayb’s strategy, continually support Ayb’s projects and initiatives, and ensure their viability and development. Ayb Club members also act as mentors for Ayb School alumni, serving as an example for them and helping the latter with their words and deeds on the way of fulfilling their potential. Today Ayb Club has 42 members.


Ayb Club was founded in 2006. It brings together people who realize the importance of an improved education system in Armenia and its role in the development of our country, and thus make systematic investments, striving to make a difference in the education sector for the sake of Armenia. Defining the conceptual content and development strategy of the educational movement called Ayb, the Club carries out its mission through the Ayb Educational Foundation.

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