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  • The Number of Participants in the World Robot Olympiad Was Doubled This Year
  • The Number of Participants in the World Robot Olympiad Was Doubled This Year

The Number of Participants in the World Robot Olympiad Was Doubled This Year

28 July / 2021

On July 18, the Ayb Educational Foundation, in cooperation with its general sponsor, SoftConstruct, and with the permanent sponsor, Rostelecom Armenia, organized one of the most important robotics events of the year in Armenia—the national round of the World Robot Olympiad.

The prestigious competition is carried out in Armenia for the sixth time, and we are very glad that it has reached a larger scale thanks to our partners.

“Rostelecom Armenia has already become our ideological partner, leading the robotics movement in Armenia together with us. Seeing our children here, especially the little ones, makes you believe that an interesting technological future awaits our country,” mentioned Sona Koshetsyan, director of the Ayb Educational Foundation.

In his opening speech, Sargis Poghosyan, representative of SoftConstruct, noted that they highlight the role of robotics in the modern world, and continuously support educational and innovative initiatives as well as activities aimed at the development of young people's technological thinking.

“Sustainable cooperation with Ayb, at the core of which stand education and the use of innovative technologies, is becoming more fruitful year by year. Our company continues to support the World Robot Olympiad with the purpose of discovering and deepening students' engineering minds and creativity,” mentioned Mikhail Razbaev, executive director of Rostelecom Armenia.

This year the competition had a new format. In parallel with the competition, the SoftBot robotics expo took place where the latest achievements in robotics of leading Armenian companies were displayed.

The national round of WRO had 17 participant teams in the four age groups. For the first time the novice teams from marzes—which had already gained some experience thanks to Ayb’s another robotics competition, LegoStart 2021—were provided with an opportunity to participate in the Olympiad.

The theme of this year’s WRO was PowerBots — The Future of Energy.

The main challenge of the teams was to perform tasks directed to the use of renewable energy. Different tasks were set aside for different age groups.

Following a heated struggle, the Mind Center We Do 1 was recognized the winner in the We Do competing group of WRO 2021.

The winner of the competition’s elementary age group was the YeLo Robotics team.

In the junior age group, the Mind Center Junior got ahead of the competition.

The winner and the best team of the senior age group of the national round of WRO was recognized PhysMath NGN from Physics and Mathematics Specialized School named after Artashes Shahinyan. The team already has several years of experience in the field of robotics, and has won prizes in many competitions with its projects "Bionic Hand," "Smart Home," and "Smart Greenhouse."

This is how Ayb once again managed to bring together all those who attach importance to education, technology and the potential of the youth on the path of building a future.

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