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  • Since it is only owing to diligence and learning that dreams become reality

Since it is only owing to diligence and learning that dreams become reality

23 October / 2019


Ani studies at High School No. 11 in Vanadzor;  she showed the best results in the Russian Bear Cub 2018 Contest from Lori Marz.

Ani is a 12th grader and will graduate from school this year. She has decided to pursue her education in data science and deal with mathematical analysis. “I haven’t registered for the Russian Bear Cub yet; I work hard to be admitted to university to continue my education. I will definitely do so, though; it is going to be my last Russian Bear Cub this year.

My language of communication is Russian, and I’ve always been attached to this language, so the main reason for my participation in the Russian Bear Cub has been the wish to test my knowledge and assess my own abilities.

We are used to having the questions and problems clearly worded for us during competitions. However, in the Russian Bear Cub those are formulated in a way to make you view them from a different angle and apply your logics. It is not only a contest in the Russian language, grammar or syntax, it’s about one’s ability to think, analyze and reason. 


When I learned about my victory, I was astounded; I wouldn’t believe it, as I had not expected it at all! It was then that I understood that one’s efforts are never in vain; it was a great booster to get me moving forward. That feeling was utter bliss! As for the meeting with the Prime Minister, it came to complement and crown all the earlier sensations. Feeling appreciated is truly important for all of us.

You should have faith in yourself but not concentrate on the victory per se. If you’re only focused on the victory, the tension will hold you back from being yourself and at your best.

To the students who are going to participate in the contests for the first time, or are still in two minds about whether to participate or not, I would recommend never to think that they know nothing. The gaps in knowledge will definitely be compensated, yet the experience and the new skills gained in the result of all of this, naturally accompanied with positive emotions, will always be remembered.


If your goal is self-development and not to attain heights right away, the stages you go through will endow you with experience and significant knowledge and, at the end of the day, you will realize at some point that you’ve attained the heights you’ve been dreaming of.

One needs to simply believe in oneself and naturally work hard, since it’s only owing to diligence and learning that dreams become reality.”

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