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  • Announcement On a Self-Proclaimed Statement on behalf of Ayb

Announcement On a Self-Proclaimed Statement on behalf of Ayb

03 June / 2019


The disinformation regarding Ayb has been circulating in the news today. In this connection, we inform you that the several people united by narrow private interests cannot talk on behalf of a community with hundreds of benefactors, particularly since it was due to the activity and regular breach of ethical norms of some representatives of the mentioned group that the opportunity for a healthy dialogue within the community was disrupted and obstacles to normally proceed with Ayb’s activities were created.

To restore the constructive dialogue within Ayb community and restate civil working conditions, the  Ayb Club has taken a decision to implement systemic amendments. One of those steps toward amendments has been Club’s self-dissolution.

All Ayb structures and the co-founders (eight people), with the exception of one, are united in their decision to continue their Ayb mission in the sphere of education transformation in our country. Today, one of them has co-authored the misinformation that has appeared in the media, trying to represent the termination of the Club’s activities as a collapse and to misinform both the public and state.


Let us clarify the situation.


In late December of last year, i.e. December 23, the Ayb Club took a decision, with 26 votes in favor, to cease its activities with the aim to develop and expand the Ayb Community. Out of the 36 Club members, 28 took part in the election. As per the procedures envisaged by the charter, a minimum of 2/3 of the total votes, i.e. 24 votes, are necessary to take the decision on the dissolution of the Ayb Club. In case of the Ayb Club’s dissolution, the responsibility to ensure the continuity of Ayb’s mission shall be reserved to the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Educational Foundation. According to the decision, the sole legal successor of the Club is the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, i.e. no other party can act on behalf of the dissolved Ayb Club. The Board of Trustees of the Foundation remains loyal to Ayb’s mission to ensure the best education for all. All the Ayb structures have always been transparent and exemplary and will continue to be so.  


It has been a long while since attempts have been consistently and anonymously made to tarnish Ayb’s name, without citing any sources or facts.  Today’s announcement aims to identify the authors of such attempts. We restate our commitment shared by the Ayb Educational Foundation and Ayb School to pursue the goals enshrined in our charter now and in the future, as the mentioned attempts have neither grounds nor perspective behind them. The views unlawfully expressed on Ayb’s behalf, as well as the accusations targeting Ayb are misinformation and may entail legal consequences. Our mission is to ensure the best education for all; thus Ayb’s activity can never serve narrow private interests.


The disseminated announcement does not reflect the views held by the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Foundation, the wider community and the co-founders (except for one), and has no relation to the Ayb’s activity amendment program.


The overwhelming majority of our benefactors supporting Ayb projects are united and pursue their charitable mission in the education sector.


Board of Trustees of the Ayb Educational Foundation

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