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  • Kangaroo Winners Took Part in an International Mathematical Camp
  • Kangaroo Winners Took Part in an International Mathematical Camp
  • Kangaroo Winners Took Part in an International Mathematical Camp
  • Kangaroo Winners Took Part in an International Mathematical Camp

Kangaroo Winners Took Part in an International Mathematical Camp

16 August / 2019


Meri, Gagik and Tsovak, the three winners of Kangaroo 2019 Contest, took part in an international mathematical camp from August 5 to 14 in Zakopane, a town in Poland. They spent some fun and unforgettable days there, full of excursions, hiking tours, games and leisure activities, and of course, mathematical competitions! Yes, a victory in Kangaroo opens new horizons; apart from some gifts, our winners received a trip to Kangaroo International Mathematical Camp, to further celebrate their victory, socialize with winners from other countries, get new achievements and collect new impressions.

It should be mentioned that only those winners of Kangaroo Contest who have turned 12 as of June 1 of the current year and know English are eligible to participate in the international summer camp as the main prize. Through participation in this international summer camp, the Ayb Educational Foundation enables our children to socialize with their contemporaries, celebrate their victory and enjoy their summer vacation as well as put their skills into practice and return to their homeland with enriched cultural and mathematical knowledge. 


“Our team was the smallest, yet our participants were the most active in all the competitions and games. Our Gagik won a special prize as the youngest and the most active participant, while Mary won two third-category prizes! Our participants also offered the best solution for the assigned problems within the youngest group, so they had the chance to present their solutions to all the other participants,” shares Anush Ayvazyan, a representative of the Ayb Educational Foundation.

Apart from leisure activities, the Kangaroo winners also represented Armenia during cultural evenings, sharing about famous Armenian inventions and the alphabet, and dancing Papouri with the camp participants.


“I am just back from the Polish camp for Kangaroo winners, very impressed with the beauty of Zakopane, where we had interesting hiking trips and excursions! It was all so fun I didn’t want to leave! Thanks to the Ayb Foundation, we had the opportunity to participate in the camp and return with unforgettable impressions.”

Tsovak Yegoryan, Kangaroo 2019 winner


“I loved our hikes and the lectures and the fun games we played in the evenings. I was especially impressed by the cave; I had never seen anything similar before! As for the mathematical contests, we were able to test our abilities among the best ones, and I managed to win two third-category prizes.” 

Meri Badalyan, Kangaroo 2019 winner


“I’m Gagik Gevorgyan, a three-time winner of Kangaroo. Our days at the camp were very eventful; hikes, various games and competitions, to name but a few, as well as mathematical trainings. The biggest achievement was the new friends I made; thanks to the opportunity to socialize with smart kids of different nationalities, I gained new knowledge and friends in Zakopane.”

Gagik Gevorgyan, Kangaroo 2019 winner


The Ayb Educational Foundation attaches great importance to the participation of our children and representation of our country in such international programs. We believe quality education and best results can create new opportunities and a vision for the future for our children. 


Take part in Kangaroo and test your abilities! Perhaps you are our next participant of the international camp!

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