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  • The Young Chemists, Science, and Hamlet
  • The Young Chemists, Science, and Hamlet
  • The Young Chemists, Science, and Hamlet

The Young Chemists, Science, and Hamlet

13 May / 2019


Hamlet Khachatryan has competed within Vanadzor's Evrika team, a three-time winner of the All-Armenian Tournament of Young Chemists (AATYC), for a number of years. In particular, Evrika has been part of the AATYC for nine years, while Hamlet joined the team in 2014. Hamlet is popular for his knowledgeability, and reporting and negotiation skills. He has participated in republican and international chemistry olympiads and is a three-time bronze medal winner. He is currently a student at Yerevan State Medical University named after M. Heratsi and has been a jury member of the tournament since 2018.


Before meeting Hamlet, I was trying to figure out how to start my interview; perhaps with his leadership and membership in the three-time winner team, his jury membership, or his medal awards in international olympiads?


About chemistry and profession: "I’ve loved chemistry, science and medicine ever since I was a kid. I have always been interested in that discipline, so the decision to enter the Medical University came easy to me, and I grow more and more convinced that I feel happy in this field every day.”


We meet a professor I know at the University. They exchange greetings. I ask if the professor knows him. “Of course, he is one of our brightest students!” comes the answer.


About AATYC and Ayb contests: "My participation in the Kangaroo and Russian Bear Cub contests was less successful, as it’s chemistry and the Young Chemists that is my cup of tea. It’s not simply a textbook-based contest; it’s all about science and the world of questions and analysis. It helped many of us to discover sciences, motivated us to read research studies, think broader and ask questions. I have made a number of good friends at that contest and they are all from the world of chemistry.

Unfortunately, chemistry and natural sciences are not very popular here. People avoid continuing their education in this direction. However, the Young Chemists’ Tournament instils love and interest toward chemistry, thus disseminating this “chemical” culture. We enroll lower grade students in our team so that a change of generations occurs and more people get interested in chemistry and sciences.”


About international competitions: "The wide-scale research I had undertaken and the numerous studies I’d read on one of the issues throughout the competition helped me become an award winner in an international Olympiad.”


About his membership in the AATYC jury: "Nothing has changed much since. I simply understand the students better in this role, their excitement, stress and commitment.”


About present and future: "Well, we are currently working on a startup project with a group of my friends. We want to represent a very famous international field in Armenia. We have already raised some funds and registered some tangible outcomes. I see myself in science in the future, and I want to combine clinical work with the world of research. My life is inherently connected with science, chemistry and medicine, and the Young Chemists has been the logical and inseparable part of that life, i.e. the beginning of my path.”

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