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  • Kangaroo International Math Contest
  • Kangaroo International Math Contest
  • Kangaroo International Math Contest
  • Kangaroo International Math Contest

Kangaroo International Math Contest

Kangaroo international mathematical competition is the most popular competition in the world. Kangaroo offers logical and engaging problems that all kids enjoy solving. Each year, the competition is held on the same day in more than 80 countries. Thanks to efforts of Ayb Educational Foundation, Kangaroo has been held in Armenia for ten years and in Artsakh for eight years now. From year to year, the competition involves more Armenian students, who have great enthusiasm and curiosity to try their skills in math. The competition aims at making math as appealing and engaging for children as possible, helping further develop school curricula, and encouraging students to actively participate in subject competitions and Olympiads.


With the Kangaroo competition, Ayb has established new standards for organizing mass competitions and test check-up in Armenia. Kangaroo has become the most popular school contest in the country and jumpstarted a real child movement, instilling great motivation for math among Armenian students.


Kangaroo is a competition comprised of logical and interesting problems. There are no prerequisites for participation, and the contest is open to all students in grades 3 to 12. Students with the highest results are awarded certificates and prizes, and the winners receive the main prize – a valuable gift or a trip to an annual international summer camp. Ayb Foundation, striving to encourage more students to participate in the competition, provides extra incentives and awards, so that no school is left without a prizewinner.


The coronavirus-related challenges could not hold the Ayb Educational Foundation back from organizing an ongoing educational celebration for thousands of children and coming up with innovative and timely solutions. Ayb’s massive school contests are transferring to an online platform, enabling thousands of children to test their knowledge and logic via modern technological solutions while participating in the largest educational movement in Armenia.


We are hopeful that the organization of the contest in a new format will serve as a new impetus for the integration of innovations and authentic projects in our education.


Watch our Armenian video story of the Kangaroo international mathematical competition!


We wish success to all Kangaroo fans!


We cooperate
We thank all the organizations listed below for their valuable support in the realization of this project:


"Kangourou Sans Frontièr" International Association

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Armenia

Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of Artsakh



VTB Bank (Armenia)


7 million students

more than from 80 countries

participate in Kangaroo each year

  • Kangaroo International Math Contest
  • Kangaroo International Math Contest
  • Kangaroo International Math Contest

38.616 Armenian students from 1036+ schools

participated in Kangaroo 2019

1474 awardees and 3 winners

in Kangaroo 2019

Award ceremonies held in 32 cities

across Armenia and in Artsakh

Principles and advantages of Kangaroo:


3 to 12 graders are eligible to participate.

All those who want to participate may sign up at school and take part in the competition.


Tasks are logical and engaging.

Specialists from all organizing countries come together in a big conference every year and decide upon the next year’s tasks, which are the same for all participating countries.


The competition is available to all children, regardless of their academic progress.

Any student, irrespective of their level of knowledge, can succeed in the competition.


Knowledge of complex formulas is not necessary.

The tasks and problems of Kangaroo do not depend on specific learning programs or curricula.


There are no prerequisites to participation.

The competition is held in one round and on the same day in all participating countries, without any qualifying rounds.


School results are not compared with each other.

This is not the goal of the competition. Each student competes with himself, revealing his own potential in math.


All participants receive certificates and souvenirs.

It is a key principle in all countries that students receive small souvenirs on the day of the competition, and all participating schools and students are awarded certificates of participation.