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Khan Academy Armenia

Khan Academy believes education is the key to human potential; it pursues a clear mission to make quality global education accessible to everyone and everywhere.


Khan Academy offers exercises, educational videos and an individual learning platform to plan one’s own learning.

We study mathematics, science, computer programming, history, history of arts, economics and more, using modern technologies to identify the learner’s strengths and weaknesses. Khan cooperates with such establishments as NASA, Museum of Modern Art, California Academy of Sciences, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Armenia joined the program two years ago, enabling access to the platform for Armenian learners. On the Ayb Educational Foundation’s initiative, Khan Academy materials have been localized since 2017.


What is Khan?


Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization, which was established in 2006 with the motto: “A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.”

The online platform is accessible to everyone, irrespective of one’s social status or place of residence. Across the platform, online education is organized through videos, educational materials and exercises, which makes it possible to self-study and reinforce one’s knowledge of different subjects. The game elements of the platform make the educational process even more engaging.  

Today, more than 60 million people from 190 countries make use of the platform and the educational materials developed by Khan Academy, including students from leading international universities and schools. More than 30 countries localize its content, and Armenia is among them. 


What opportunities does Khan Academy provide?


Individualized Education and Self-Learning

 Khan Academy offers study materials that enable learners of all age groups to self-study and achieve success. The platform enables the learner to not only use the materials but also organize their own learning and stay abreast of the new updates.


Classroom Learning

By introducing Khan Academy in their class, the teachers significantly improve the learning results of their students. It enables the teachers to find the best teaching model and to allot time for student support and motivation.



60% of those having passed a math course with Khan have doubled their final scores.

According to 79% of US high school students, Khan Academy is the most helpful among other online learning platforms for one’s further studies.

A 30-minute daily math class with Khan Academy improves student progress by 10%.

Khan Academy reduces the need for students’ private tutoring.


Khan Academy Armenia

With the help of Khan Academy, learners in the Armenian language, their parents and teachers, and generally anyone interested in self-learning can access the world’s leading educational resources free of charge to receive authentic education in the Armenian language. Khan Academy Armenia believes online education opportunities will enable the Armenian learners to familiarize with the best international educational practices to become part of the global educational movement. 


Over 2800 videos in the Armenian language on  YouTube

Over 1200 exercises and articles in the Armenian language


The following sections are available in Khan Academy in the Armenian language: 


From elementary to higher math

Computer Science and Programming

Computer skills, Internet, programming languages


History of arts and music, in particular

Introduction into classical music, instruments, sculpture, photography and architecture

Finances and Capital Market

Videos on finances and capital market


Interviews with successful entrepreneurs and presentation of their experience


Introduction into blended learning and its various models

Natural Sciences

Basics of chemistry

more than 1 million

educational tutorials for his “Global Classroom” were created by Khan Academy

which are being used by 40 million students and 2 million educators all over the world.

  • Khan Academy Armenia

60 million

views in the whole world

2800 videos

1200 exercises and articles

available in Armenian