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Tournament of Chemistry Students

The Ayb Educational Foundation is creating a Tournament of Chemistry Students that aims to promote young people’s interest toward chemistry and contribute to promotion of chemistry in our country, involvement of new specialists and expansion of the role of chemistry specialists in society.


The Tournament of Chemistry Students is the first program of the Ayb Educational Foundation that aims at the discovery of young talents in higher education. It is the first time that Ayb has gone beyond the organization of school contests to address via its programs the current issues in the field of higher education. The Tournament of Chemistry Students is the logical continuation of the Tournament of Young Chemists that has been organized for schoolchildren since 2010. For 11 consecutive years, the Ayb Educational Foundation has been organizing the tournament that has become so popular among the students, in which 287 teams have participated to date, involving 1387 students and over 280 teachers. For three years, the Ayb Educational Foundation has provided our children with an opportunity to present themselves and our country in the international arena through participation in the All-Ukrainian Tournament of Young Chemists. Our children have returned with third-grade diplomas and individual honorary diplomas from its two recent tournaments. The Tournament of Chemistry Students is thus based on the successful experience of theTournament of Young Chemists.


The Tournament of Chemistry Students is a team competition, where Baccalaureate and Master’s students interested in chemistry will test their abilities and skills to solve complex chemistry problems, plausibly present solutions and conduct scientific debates. The tournament will transfer the process of authentic chemistry problems solution onto the student platform, and will sustain that excitement and creativity throughout the study of the students.

As a result, we envisage to expand student involvement in scientific production, establish student teams to resolve modern scientific and technological issues, as well as contribute to student employment in research institutes.


Watch the video about the Tournament of Young Chemists prepared by the Ayb Educational Foundation, to assess the path we have covered and evaluate this profession and science as a driving force for a number of essential economy branches, manufacture and medicine.      


Here you can also watch the video about The First Tournament of Chemistry Students prepared by the Ayb Educational Foundation. 

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