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Tsaghkunk Open School

Ayb Educational Foundation in close collaboration with Dar Foundation has been engaged in the development and improvement of the educational content and management of Tsaghkunk rural school (Gegharkunik region) between 2010-2015. Due to this program Ayb spread its educational technologies in rural schools as well. Based on Ayb’s experience, activities aimed at overall quality improvements of the Tsaghkunk School were implemented, including revision and enhancement of school curriculum, training of teachers, development of teacher and student assessment and motivation systems, etc.

Tsaghkunk School was engaged in all programs of the Ayb system – events, teacher conferences, exchange programs, social and cultural activities, etc. Project-based teams were formed at Tsaghkunk School which, along with the school principal, were implementing various programs aimed at empowering the Tsaghkunk community and improving the educational practice.

With the goal to preserve and develop national values, Dar Foundation funds large-scale community development projects in the village of Tsaghkunk. Dar considers school to be the most important institution for preservation of national heritage and community development. In 2007, the Tsaghkunk School was refurbished through the Foundation's efforts. In addition to new premises, the school curriculum was also revised and adapted so that children had an opportunity to engage in activities linking them with their roots, and preserve the Armenian spirit and mentality in a harmonious and native environment.


The programs implemented at Tsaghkunk School represent a collective effort to create a rural school model, which in the future might be spread among other rural communities as well. Of course, by saying a rural school model we mean one that highlights the importance of the agricultural component in the general program in accordance with the requirements of the given agrarian community (bee keeping, crop production, cattle breeding, etc.). An exemplary rural school model, however, should suggest not only the smooth integration of agricultural components, but also high quality of the education programs in general.


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  • Tsaghkunk Open School
  • Tsaghkunk Open School
  • Tsaghkunk Open School