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Undergraduate Tournament of Natural Science

The Undergraduate Tournament of Natural Science is a program by the Ayb Educational Foundation that aims at the discovery of young talents in higher education. It is the logical continuation of the Tournament of Young Chemists that has been organized for schoolchildren since 2010 and comes to expand the Tournament of Chemistry Students launched in 2020, involving not only chemistry, but also other fields of natural sciences.



- To create a common platform for students of natural sciences;

- To promote a culture of finding comprehensive solutions to most urgent problems;

- To serve as a bridge between young specialists and employers;

- To contribute to the development of scientific mind and to the formation of a strong community in the Republic of Armenia and in Artsakh.


Who Is the Tournament For     

This is a wonderful opportunity for students studying biology, physics and chemistry at the HEIs of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh to:


- apply the knowledge in the solution to most urgent problems; 

- become appreciated and recognized by the professional community;

- link individuals interested in natural sciences;

- be part of a large scientific community.


This is a team tournament. Each team has four-five student members and should have a captain. For participation, it is necessary to fill out the registration form.



During the tournament, scientific experiments, surprise tasks as well as semi-final and final battles with an opportunity for students to present their own project work are expected.


Participating teams are free to decide the scope and nature of their research (theoretical, practical). Each year the research will have its thematic orientation, from military to ecological. Learn more by familiarizing yourself with the tournament’s regulation.


The History of the Logo

The Tournament has a unique logo with its history and symbol.


The logo of the Undergraduate Tournament of Natural Science is based on the cuneiform that is the result of the time transformations of the Sumerian saĝ (head) pictograph, symbolizing the evolving and transformative nature of science.


The cuneiform has also figurative meanings: beginning, major, first class. In this sense, it is connected with giving rise to something, and emanating essence peculiar to natural sciences.


The horizontal elements of the cuneiform are reminiscent of trumpets and summarize our aspiration and message to invite new generations to science.


All three vertical columns connected by horizontal elements on the one hand symbolize independence of each natural science, and on the other hand, the interconnectedness uniting them in one system.


The Tournament will be held under the slogan Science Boomerang, symbolizing each new generation’s constant, boomerang-like return to the world of science.



To view the logo’s animation, click on the image.


To learn more about the Tournament, see the Ayb Educational Foundation's contests' page.


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